What kind of support can I receive at your center?

If your images have been distributed on the internet, you can receive the image deletion service. If you are not sure if your images have been distributed, you can receive the distribution monitoring service.
We also provide referral to police investigation, legal, and medical support services by partnering with other victim support service providers, including sexual violence counseling centers.

  • 1 Counseling

    • Answering questions from clients
    • Providing information on the center’s support services
    • Receiving image deletion request and providing counseling
  • 2Image deletion service

    • Receiving a request for image deletion service
    • Monitoring the (re)distribution of images
    • Providing a report on the results of image deletion service
  • 3Referral service

    • Monitoring the police investigation process and assisting the collection of evidence materials
    • Referral to medical and psychological counseling services
    • Referral to free legal service
Support services for the victims of digital sex crimes [Download]

In addition to the support services that we provide, there are services for DSC victims provided by other organizations.