The Advocacy Center for Online Sexual Abuse Victims (A.C.O.S.A.V.) provides support services to those who were victimized by digital sex crimes. The services include counseling, deletion of non-consensually distributed images, monitoring of (re)distribution of non-consensual images, and relaying to law enforcement, legal, and medical support services.

Digital sex crime

Digital sex crime includes the acts of taking intimate images of others without the consent of those depicted in the images, non-consensual distribution of intimate images, threat to distribute intimate images, and/or faked intimate images that are punishable in accordance with Article 11 of the Act on the Protection of Children and Youth against Sex Offenses (“the Youth Protection Act”) and Articles 14, 14-2, and 14-3 of the Act on Special Cases Concerning the Punishment, Etc. of Sexual Crimes (“the Sexual Violence Punishment Act”). You can request for help through phone or online counseling.

In accordance with Article 7-3 of the Sexual Violence Prevention and Victims Protection Act (the Sexual Violence Prevention Act) and Article 2-6 of the Enforcement Decree of the Sexual Violence Prevention and Victims Protection Act, the Center provides services to both Korean citizens and non-Koreans with a legal status in South Korea victimized by Korean nationals.